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Summer blessings come in the form of flowers in my world.  My time outside and in the garden is meaningful beyond the obvious nurturing of plants and flowers.  It’s also where I learn (and often re-learn) important life lessons.

When I’m weeding, watering, and deadheading, I’m living in the present moment.  I’m completely alone with my thoughts and I cherish the quiet solitude.  It’s where I hush the voices in my head that are critical.  I forget about all the ways I am not enough in our culture.  I’m not concerned about whether my skin looks younger or if I’m “fighting” wrinkles.  I don’t worry about my size, my legs, or my thighs.  I’m not concerned whether other women think I’m smart or successful.

In the garden, the variety of colors, shapes, and sizes is vast.


Everything is different and I enjoy the contrast.  I’ve found that viewing life through the lens of gardening is good for my soul.

Today, my Shasta daisy buds are slowly opening and stretching their petals toward the sky.

I’m giddy because I often feel like I’m a daisy in the world.  You see, there are many flowers that are more elegant, more colorful, more vibrant.

Brides, for example, tend to choose lilies, roses, hydrangea, and gardinas for their bridal bouquets for fanciful and frilly buds.   Then there are the exotic flowers like orchids, hibiscus, and birds of paradise that remind us that we are visiting warm, lush, tropical locations.

IMG_4660 Their big blooms are showy, distinctive, and flamboyant.  Yet the daisy is still beautiful in its simplicity.  It may not be the first flower you see in a garden bed but it delights the eyes just the same.


It’s happy yellow center draws the pollinators and invites smiles to all who visit.

If I picked a bouquet, I would welcome the variety of sizes and colors of the flowers.

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Why then, do I have a hard time remembering that I do not have to look like, act like, or “be” anyone other than me?  I can be simple and differently beautiful.   We can be bigger or smaller, taller or shorter, paler or darker, elegant or ordinary.  All of it welcome.  The difference and mixture IS the magic.

Grow, bloom, love.  Then repeat.