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Sometimes you need to bust your heart wide open to find out who you really are and what you were made to do. I know that when my heart feels deep pain, I’m about to come out on the other side with inexplicable joy. I’m learning to lean into those painful places and not flee. Our culture encourages perfection and rewards those who keep it all together. We have a tendency to avoid brokenness and want others to “get over it quickly.” But I’m so over that script. It’s simply inauthentic and incompatible with who I need to be. One of the goals of 2017 I set out to accomplish is “more us, less me.”

Over the course of the last year, I’ve examined how I spend my days and searched for ways to find more purpose. As good timing is everything, I reconnected with a friend who was on a similar journey. We volunteered together and I found myself feeling deeply moved by Jill’s passion for others. Isn’t that what makes being around people who find their calling so inspiring? She spent her year journaling, volunteering and dreaming up a way to connect others to local nonprofits. She shared her vision and stepped out of her comfort zone, sensing something much bigger at work. Jill wants everyone to see the helpers of the world. I’ve been honored to join Jill’s efforts and dig into her ideas about ways to contribute to the good in life.

In December, Jill officially launched Charity Run as a nonprofit and we were off and running.


Charity Run seeks out organizations that are doing incredible things in our community and listens to their stories. Sometimes small nonprofits have a difficult time promoting their services due to small staffs and tight budgets. So Charity Run features nonprofits on its social media outlets, promotes their needs and services, organizes “runs” or drives to collect desired items, and makes the community more aware of their personal stories.  Think of Charity Run as a public relations firm for nonprofits. Ultimately, the goal of Charity Run is to personalize the giving process. Beyond merely dropping off donations, we want people to know who they are serving and understand how their items are changing lives. We want to share the stories and beautiful moments when humans experience the healing balm of generosity.

Through out my life, I’ve found that serving others is a tremendous source of joy.  Something deeply spiritual happens when I am engaged in community and my connection to God is further kindled. When I focus more on others and less on me, I find beauty in unexpected places. When I see what others need, I gain better perspective on my “wants”.  I am reminded that I have enough and I am enough.  I don’t have to be perfect at all to reach out and help others.  I can listen and learn and let my heart break so I can lift up, encourage, and walk side by side with my brothers and sisters.


Friends, I’m so excited about the year ahead and the lives that will positively be impacted because of all the helpers of the world. Do you desire to be more of a helper and to contribute to the good? Do you sense you have more to offer the world? I challenge you to join us and to keep your eyes wide open to the needs in your community. Let your heart break for the hurting and then stand along side those in need, strengthening the men, women, and children sharing our world. You can do BIG things. You can look around you and use your gifts—maybe it’s your time, your goods, or your donations. I’ve always loved the saying “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Join Charity Run and become change agents. Hope is a powerful feeling and can change everything.

Please follow our Facebook page  and Instagram account so you can find out ways you can join us and share with your friends. Help us get the word out about Charity Run so we can serve more people. We want to create a buzz and get on people’s radars. We want to become an effective resource to turn to when you want to donate things around your house in a more engaging and purposeful way.    “There is good in the world.  Find it.  Contribute to it.  Share it.”  ~Jill Jonassen