We are rounding the final bend of the school year and I’ve buckled up for the final bumps on the Crazy Train.   The kids are getting squirrely and us moms are getting anxious. Why? Because we know that these little bundles of joy are now ALL OURS FOR THE NEXT THREE MONTHS! Oh sure, I’ve heard a mom or two say she is looking forward to summer. Those moms are crazy. Possibly drunk too.

Meanwhile, I’ll be frantically trying to squeeze in of all the places I need to go, shop and/or hang out solo over the next three days. Oh, the heavenly three days left of harmony, peace, and beloved silence.  I should research articles on “How Not to Explode at Your Children” or “Tame Your Beasts in One Day” as a just in case.  I’m not saying I’m gonna lose it (yes I am) but perhaps a little advance planning would alleviate future tangles.  Wait, why would there be tangles?  I will tell you why.  Most assuredly, one little brother will think it his duty to steal something valuable from big brother.  Big brother will feel compelled to stuff little brother into the ground, the couch, or a pillow.  Little brother will then elbow big brother. Big brother will shove back (this time with more force because he just ain’t having that) and little brother will inevitably get hurt and cry. Repeat this cycle (and similar permutations of it) about 100 times and you’ll have a good sense of our first week of summer vacation.  Did I mention that summer break is three long, arduous months?

Pass the vodka…