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st pat planter

It’s March but it doesn’t look or feel like March.  I’ve been itching to change out my front porch pots from winter pine boughs to something more spring like.  These winter planters have brightened my porch for several months but it’s time for a change.

The problem with March is that its too soon to plant anything living.  So what’s a seasonal porch decorator/addict to do?  How can I add interest, texture and color without plants?   An extensive search on Pinterest turned up few options.  Clearly, others are puzzled as well about what do to during this transitional period between winter and early spring.

I found this urn posted on Pinterest a few years ago and was inspired by its whimsy.


Image found on: highlandhousegiftsdecor.wordpress.com

Although I liked this festive blueprint, I wanted to use more natural looking elements and items that could be reused when spring actually arrives.

In my mind, curly willows branches and birch logs are good transitional pieces.  I found these lovely planter arrangements and felt I could borrow some of their elements.

pretty spring urn

image found on Pinterest

sticks with pansies

image found at: http://www.mulhalls.com

It’s still too early in this region to plant pansies and other spring blooming flowers.  I’m also not a fan of fake flowers.

So I went with moss.  Moss says spring, right?


I added some curly willow branches, a few logs (although I need at least 3 more birch logs each to beef it up some), and a few gold and shimmery, green twirly stems for flair.  You could probably raid your Christmas decorations and find some gold and green accents that will work in a pinch.

I was off to a good start but it still didn’t read “St. Patrick’s Day” so I added some LUCKY signs and shamrock stems.  I made the shamrock stems a few years ago using shamrocks found at the Dollar Tree which I hot glued to bamboo sticks.


The pots still didn’t have enough pop so I spray painted a few tree branches metallic gold just to add a little more pizzazz.  Trust me, it’s a dreary backdrop all around right now so any little bit of sparkle helps!

It’s hard to capture the shimmer on a drizzly and gray day like today.  But these pots sure brighten an otherwise barren looking landscape.

st pat planter

In a month and as the weather starts to warm, I will add forsythia branches, tulips, pansies and other cheery flowers.   Until then, these transitional planters will get me through the month and chase away the winter blues.