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We are going on the fourth day of no school.  We are in desperate need of a change.  Our moods are foul and we are “bored”.  Just about the time those winter blues grasp a hold of our hearts, a little dose of sunshine gives us an extra boost.

A lovely group of friends gave me a “Be Happy” jar when I moved and then filled it with heartfelt messages and notes of encouragement.


I love this jar and everything it represents.


It’s that little extra oomph when the days seem long.  It’s like a hug for my soul.  Whenever I feel lonely, I simply pull out a note and my day instantly improves.  It’s that “yes, you matter” message at exactly the right moment.

I decided this jar of joy is too good of an idea to keep a secret.  Why not spread some love?  Why not bust out our supplies and create a love ripple?

So we gathered:

  • jars (recycled spaghetti and sauerkraut jars, thank you!)


  • fun scrapbook paper to write messages (but any bit of paper will do)
  • playful imaginations and creative juices
  • a book of quotes (or use your computer to google some hopeful phrases about friendship, love, and happiness)
  • markers or crayons or any writing implements


We scribbled down fun memories shared with friends, encouraging quotes, funny stories, and anything we thought might make someone smile.  The boys drew pictures.  We just let our imaginations take over…


If you are feeling grumpy, these little babies will turn your mood around.


You can’t be grouchy when you are thinking of someone special or how meaningful that relationship is to you.  I find that anytime I feel the funk coming, it’s best to think of someone else.  It ALWAYS, ALWAYS brightens my day.

Is there someone you know who could use a lift?  Tell him or her.  Tell her why she’s awesome and how she inspires you.  Share with him how he positively influences you.



Maybe YOU need a mood enhancer and some self-love messages.

Go ahead, get yourself a jar of sunshine and spread that good stuff around!!