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Come about mid-February, I yearn for the golden days of summer.  My eyes beg for the promise of growth that lies under a blanket of snow.  This year, however, we haven’t even had much snow.   Rather, we have plenty of cold days and brown grass.


The other day the temps rose to the 50’s and I felt the urge to cut back all the dead branches and decaying plant life.  But, I reminded myself it was February.  It’s too soon for spring.  So I did the next best thing.

I went on a spring break and summer vacation.  In my head.  I browsed through my photos and took in the eye candy of perennials, trees, shrubs, and annuals that make my heart flutter.

The first to arrive to the spring party are these beauties:

Cue the majestic trees:

Then a few more flamboyant blooms join the scene.

And the symphony of colors and textures continues.  Blooming shrubs join the parade of color.

When the threat of frost has passed, I get giddy about adding spring flowers to my pots.  Pansies, tulips, crocuses, and hyacinths officially announce the dismissal of winter.

As the spring blooms begin to fade, the early summer annuals and perennials trumpet their arrival with dazzling shades of the rainbow.

By mid-summer, the bounty of blooms adds such zest to the landscape that each day brings continuous wonder.

Warm days invite happiness to take root.  The bees dutifully buzz about and work their pollinating magic.

The yard is alive and the birds just seem to chirp happier little tunes.  The carpet of green grass, the scent of the flowers, the orchestra of color–EVERYTHING AMAZING!

Isn’t that the beauty of life?  The promise of warm days ahead despite the cold winters.

So, today I’ll soak in the color of the birds against the gray backdrop instead of the flowers.

I will marvel at the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets instead of the blooming tree buds.

Soon enough I will be digging into the warm soil and tending the next wave of color.  Today, I will gratefully accept the gift of winter.