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Working Moms.  I’m talking to you today.  I want to lift you up and remind you how incredibly important you are in our village of life.  I know you have tough days.  I remember those difficult days when it was hard to go to work because little ones were crying.  They beg you not to go and I know your heart breaks into hundreds of little pieces.  I know that mother guilt creeps in and you wonder if you are doing the right thing.  You want to be everywhere and everything to your children.

Do you know your power?  YOU are doing amazing things.

When you are having a particularly tough day, I want to remind you of the incredibly important role you play in the village.  As a Stay At Home mom, I’m grateful for your partnership and I need YOU.  There are lots of great reasons to celebrate YOU but here are two that top my list:

1.  You are showing boys every day examples of women who provide and contribute outside the home.  You know that’s vitally important, don’t you?  I don’t mean to imply that stay at home moms aren’t modeling important lessons too.  However, when my boys see this mom folding laundry and preparing meals, they see but one side of the many treasures women are able to offer.  YOU are teaching my boys another perspective and I am forever grateful.  When my boys make snarky remarks that “girls are weak”, I remind them how strong women really are and I point to YOU.  YOU who balances work with home.  YOU who has an identity other than “Mommy”.  YOU who manages to make meetings on time AND get back to the school in a hurry for performances and art shows.  YOU who has had a long day at work and then comes home and continues to be an important decision maker.  Boys need to see women holding their own in some setting other than that of nurturing caretaker.  They gain even more respect for women and their gifts.

2.  You are modeling options and multiple identities for little girls.  Too often we give little girls dolls and encourage them only to hone their “mothering” skills.  But not every girl wants to be a mom.  Not every girl or woman aspires for the path of motherhood.  These little precious eyes that watch you–YOU are showing them that they can and will do anything they set their minds to do.  YOU are demonstrating that women are smart and capable and leaders and sitting at the table with men.  I love that about you.  I was that little girl and I needed women like you.  I’m grateful for your fearlessness and determination and for pursuing your dreams.  The world needs more of that.  YOU who smashes this ridiculous concept that women can only be princesses and can only be saved by men.  YOU don’t need no stinkin’ prince because you are strong and fierce and can solve all the problems yourself.  I’m shouting to YOU–THANK YOU!

Together, we make a fabulous team.  We need each other as allies and to continue to support one another.  When our culture pits us against one another, I want YOU to remember that I think you are worthy beyond measure and I value the role you play in our village.  I’ve got your back when you are stuck in traffic or you can’t get out of a meeting.  Ask me for help because I’m happy to give back to you.  Let’s continue to appreciate what each of us brings to the table and continue to lift one another up.  I adore you, sister!  I’m not judging you because I’m too busy respecting you.

Rock on, Working Moms, rock on!

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