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Yesterday I set about my day on a mission of kindness.  I mailed a stack of letters to some very special friends.


I had planned to blog about it soon.

Then the news of the Boston Marathon tragedy hit.

Nothing that I say will ever be fully enough.  The irony of the contrast of devastation in Boston with the content of my letters is overwhelming.   As I sit back and take it all in, I almost can’t believe it’s real.  I spent time all weekend writing notes to people in my life.  I asked them to spread kindness as a gift–my attempt to build a kindness army.   I mailed them yesterday morning, just hours before the explosions that rocked Boston.

I have chills because I can’t explain the timing.  I felt nudged.  I’ve been feeling nudged for a while now.  It’s been on my heart and has consumed me.

More than ever, the world NEEDS human kindness.   People need more encouragement.  They need to know they matter.   We have to stop ignoring each other.  We need to build communities, not bombs.    We need to stop the name-calling, the bullying, the judgments, the hate.  Little eyes are watching and learning.

My request was  and is simple.  Spread sunshine.  Take time to acknowledge someone.  A simple gesture with a simple purpose.

I don’t know who perpetrated such horrific terror in Boston.  I do, however, believe we’ll see an uprising of love.  In the end, love always wins.

Friends, do something today that is meaningful to someone you know.  Even better, do something kind for someone you don’t.

  • Refrain from blasting your ex on Facebook.  No one wants to hear it.  It’s hateful and you are better than that!
  • Smile at the people you pass on the street, in a store, in the office.  You are better looking when you smile.
  • Write a letter to a teacher or mentor or anyone who has impacted you.  Let them know how they helped you grow.
  • Be courteous to the person who assists you in a restaurant, store, business.  Do it because it’s the right thing to do.
  • Be grateful for this day and every day.  You are blessed to be breathing.
  • Donate your time and money to a worthy cause.  I promise it will make you feel better.
  • Lift up a child with your words.  Your words will ring in their ears.

I’m asking everyone I know to BE BETTER, DO BETTER!  Will you?