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*NOTE:  Scroll below to check out:  Sandpaper crayon iron-ons, leprechaun lids and leprechaun lumps.*

Laughing leprechauns, shimmery shamrocks, radiant rainbows, and glittering gold—what’s NOT to love about St. Patrick’s Day?

 I have a reputation of getting a little crazy around this Irish holiday.

Irish blood courses through my veins and I have more red heads in my family than you can shake a blarney stone at.

My kids are somewhat accustomed to my St. Patrick’s Day antics.  It is, after all, my favorite holiday.

Last year was a full on March Madness frenzy, indeed.

Alas, I learned from my mistake and tried my best to slow it down this year.

Instead of subjecting the boys to 10 days of crafts, I whittled it down to 3 activities.

1.  Crayon/Sandpaper Iron-ons

crayon iron on_Fotor

You’ll never guess which virtual bulletin board site I found this first idea.   The trick to actually DOING what you pin is finding easy examples.  I typically go to the site and read about what the craft entails.  If it gets too complicated, I’m out.  Just like that.

Oh heck, where was I?  Oh yes, so I found this cool post from Alphamom’s blog and loved the idea of using sandpaper to make  iron-on transfers.  I especially enjoy crafts that require few purchases.  If there is any theme to my life, it’s that I’m cheap.  : )

We rounded up some sandpaper, crayons, and t-shirts and the boys set to work coloring their St. Paddy’s Day scenes.


Don’t be shy with the amount of crayon color you use.  You need a lot because the colors come up pretty light.  Make sure kids understand their pictures will print in reverse.  Mine didn’t quite grasp that concept.  : )

Once they finished, I simply placed the sandpaper on the shirt, tucked some cardboard in between, and ironed.



Pretty clever, right?


The boys sported their new duds all week!


2. Leprechaun Lids


I should have titled this one Epic Fail.

Sometimes ideas in my head are better left in my head.


I’ve seen lots of versions of leprechaun hats made from marshmallows but almost all required a coating of chocolate.  While I love chocolate covered anything, I decided to forgo that step in the attempt to make this activity more kid-friendly.   I opted, instead, to use colored sprinkles.

Theoretically, it would go like this:

Gather supplies–large marshmallows, normal-sized marshmallows, green sprinkles, lollipop sticks and package of Extreme Airheads.


Cut the large marshmallow into thirds (this will serve as the brim of hat).


Skewer the large marshmallow strip, then the regular marshmallow.


Quickly dip marshmallows into a cup of water.


Coat with sprinkles


Cut Extreme Airhead candy into thin strips and wrap at base where the two marshmallows meet.  Secure with a little dab of icing.


However, the marshmallows did not stick together as I hoped.  So, once the boys started adding sprinkles, the marshmallows slid down the stick.  Nothing kept them together.


*Enter the cries of frustration by your children*

After allowing the pops to sit upside down for about 20 minutes, I realized they were NEVER going to stick.


Time for a back up plan.

I busted out some chocolate discs, melted them in the microwave, and spooned between marshmallows to serve as glue.  Whew, saved!

The kids loved them nonetheless.  We had fun (once we adjusted out expectations) and made quite a mess.


Here’s the tasty end result:


3.  Leprechaun Lumps


We hosted a little Irish shindig and invited the kids to make “leprechaun lumps”.  The idea was born from watching an infomercial on making dinosaur eggs.

We mixed up:

  •  1 cup of used coffee grinds,
  • 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of salt, and 1/2 cup of water.

Once mixed together, it forms a dough.  The kids simply knead the dough, insert a treasure (in our case leprechaun’s gold coins), and form into a ball.

Next, you bake the lumps in the oven for about 20 minutes (at 150-200 degrees).

Once the lumps were cool enough to handle, the moms hid them about the house.  The kids had a blast searching for their lumps.

When every child had their lump, they broke them open.  Serious fun!

If you made it this far into my post, you’re a champ!  Thank you!

Now I’m off to take a nap!  St. Paddy’s Day wears me out!