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I have a confession.

I’ve got a bad case of the comparisons.

I want a sprawling house with beautiful columns, a wrap-around porch, and lots of character.

gorgeous home in Georgia!

gorgeous home in Georgia!

Instead, I have a boxy, cookie-cutter house:

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

I long for a polished living room like this:

from Pinterest

from Pinterest

With toys, books, and pillows on the floor, mine may never be polished:

I yearn for a tidy, well-thought out office like this:

from freshome.com

from freshome.com

My desk is covered with endless paper stacks.  Piles will always be found afoot.


I want adorable, obedient children.

Ok, I think mine ARE adorable but they also argue and whine.

What have I contracted?    Wonder Woman Fallacy

Do you know her?

She’s gorgeous, keeps a clean house, organizes all her drawers, exercises regularly, and raises perfect children.  She’s amazing…
and she isn’t real!  She’s what we dream up in our heads and measure ourselves against.  She’s the woman who makes us feel small and inadequate.

She’s hard to stop.

Whether it’s Facebook, another person’s blog, or just simple out and about observation, I keep a little tally in my head of all the ways I fall short compared to other women.  Other women who seem to have their acts together.  Other women who are  infinitely more organized, more fashionable, more driven, more patient, and more talented

Intellectually, I realize how harmful this is to one’s psyche.  Yet somehow, I keep trying to improve myself to some impossible standard.

Is there a cure?  What’s the prescription then?

A hard dose of reality and a heave ho of Wonder Woman.   Here’s what I propose:

Let’s TALK about the truth.  Let’s show our messy closets, embrace our bellies (after all, our beautiful children made them), flaunt our cluttered desks,  encourage pillow and toy-strewn living rooms, and generally build each other up.   Let’s admit our flaws and find beauty in our shortcomings.  Let’s endorse and be “flaw-tabulous”.

Are you ready to be flaw-tabulous?

I’m a work in progress.  I’m unorganized.  I lack will power and regularly inhale chocolate and Doritos in equal measure.  I’m developing crow’s feet around my eyes.  I yell at my kids more often than I should.    Clean laundry sits in the basket in the hallway for a week before I put it away.   I spend more time on Pinterest looking for ways to interact with my children than I actually SPEND with my children.

However, I LOVE family and friends deeply.  I enjoy being outdoors and observing God’s beauty.  I like to use my creative mind and thrive in the presence of positive people.   My couches have crumbs but they invite lots of warm bodies to stay and visit.  My children are not perfect but they are genuinely happy-spirited and generous.  My house is not sprawling but it’s comfortable and safe.  My desk is chaotic but it’s full of inspiration.

My life is one big, beautiful mess!