We’re in a full state of heart-swooping and sweet tooth chomping!

Who doesn’t heart Valentine’s Day?


We’ve got our hearts flying everywhere:

As I was hanging up hearts around the house, I realized I STILL had Christmas cards hanging around.  I have a hard time throwing cards away.   Especially photo cards.

That got me thinking.  What could I do with all these precious cards?  I saw all sorts of ideas about turning them into books on Pinterest but decided I didn’t want another item cluttering up my coffee table.  So, I decided wall space was a better option.

I cut out pics from EVERY photo card.


Shaped them into a heart (ya know, as another nod to my favorite cupid holiday)


Painted a canvas and modge -podged (totally inventing verbs now) them to the canvas


Forced my kiddos to pose with the canvas

valentine heart 2

and hung on the wall in my dining room

Now all my favorite people are hanging out with us a little longer!  : )