It’s February.

When did that happen?

So the groundhog (Mr. Phil if you will) already came out of his warm burrow.  We were very excited!

I’m a PA-born girl so I suppose the excitement of Groundhog’s Day courses through my veins.  PA people like groundhogs…and the Steelers.  I’ve noticed people elsewhere are pretty apathetic about the entire notion.   No worries–we’re importing some PA fun into your world!

I searched and searched for an activity to do with the boys in honor of this off-the-beaten path holiday.  I found this blog and fell hard for the cutie groundhog treats the blogger made.

posted on The Food in My Beard blog site.

posted on The Food in My Beard blog site.

I had to make a few adjustments on candy choice for my critters—I’m just too lazy to make ANOTHER trip to the grocery store so I used what was in my arsenal…er uh, pantry!  There was also zero chance I was going to bake anything so mine became a pop instead.  So very lazy!

close up ground hogs

I  found this fun graphic on Vintage Marigold’s blog  so I printed it off and glued it to a tin can (aka–our “grassy knoll”).  I don’t have a color printer at home so it probably would have been a whole lot cuter in the shades of brown.

ground hogs in grass

Groundhogs like to hang outside.

snowy hogs

These little guys did not see their shadows either.   Woot, woot!