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Winter in Iowa is COLD!  So very cold! We decided to embrace the chill in the air by crafting up a snowman storm.

And by crafting I mean copying. If you’ve never been to the Meet the Dubiens blog, you MUST check it out.

Sheer. Creative. Genius!  I found her site last year from a pin on Pinterest.  I was seeking St. Patrick’s Day inspiration and saw this adorable leprechaun. leprechaun I’ve since copied many of her clever lunch ideas and kids’ crafts. So as I was searching for snowman crafts this year, I stumbled on another pin from her blog.  How incredibly cute are these snowman milks? snowman milk dubien Here’s the LINK with instructions on how she made these cuties. I knew we had to make them too!  We got to work crafting our own little snowmen.


DSC09627 The boys sifted through my button jar and selected their snowmen accessories. DSC09630 They carefully glued the buttons.  Although her directions say to use a hot glue gun, I wanted this to be more kid-friendly so we opted for the traditional Elmer’s Glue. DSC09635 Our silly cat Newman joined us for the craft fest.  He’s not normally allowed on the table–but his highness must have thought we were creating something for him.  He wouldn’t leave.  DSC09633 Next we added some ribbon for scarves. Once everything dried, I assembled the finished product.  Since I didn’t have an edible marker on hand (and I sure as heck wasn’t making a trip out to the store in -9 degree weather), I dug through my pantry and found replacement parts.  In this case, I used some chocolate covered sunflower seeds  (“carrot” nose and eyes) and mini cinnamon chips (mouth).  Since nothing was sticking to the marshmallows, I used some dabs of icing (leftover from cake balls, I’m sure!) to secure the features. DSC09648 The boys LOVE anything with marshmallows so these little snowmen were a big hit! DSC09649 The eyes, nose and mouth didn’t last long… DSC09652


glow snowman Next, we made glow in the dark snowmen.  Can you believe this was my very own idea?  Unbelievable, right?   Especially since I’m the biggest Pinterest copier around!  Every once in a while a blind squirrel gets a nut, I guess! IMAG0717 I drink a lot of coffee.  Correction:  I drink a lot of creamer with my coffee (French Vanilla, thank you very much!) so I had several empty creamer containers.  We simply covered the containers with cotton balls. DSC09638We started at the base by smearing on some glue followed by many rows of cotton balls. DSC09640 Once the glue dried, we added googly eyes, an orange triangle construction paper nose, ribbon scarf, and some twigs for arms. DSC09642 For the hat, I had saved a pair of old socks that had holes in them.  I simply cut off the top of the sock, gathered the cut end all together,glued, and topped with a pom pom.

Voila, instant hat.  Then I just slid the hat on the creamer lid.

When everything was good and dry, we dropped in some glow-sticks and turned off the lights. DSC09656-001 The boys built a fort in the basement that night so their glowing snowmen served as night lights.

I love crafts that use all the crap  supplies I have just laying around my house.  : )