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I used to work with a woman who religiously brought cake balls to all of our staff parties and celebrations.

Sarah's delicious cake balls--my very first!

Sarah’s delicious cake balls–my very first!

I’m not gonna lie…I easily devoured four cake balls in a matter of minutes.  I’m telling you, it was love at first bite when I gulped down that little ball of deliciousness.  Cake + icing rolled together and dipped in chocolate= dessert in heaven!

Fast forward a few years when the coworker quit her job to be a stay-at-home mom and I moved out of the state.  Could I simply live without them?  No and heck no!!  I HAD to have cake balls!  So, I emailed her and asked for the recipe.  Although my first few batches were less-than-pretty, they sure tasted yummy.

Over time, I perfected my art and cursed less.  Oh, I still drop a few balls  (and occasional F-bombs) into the chocolate and the shape of the balls is sometimes wonky.  But alas, I SAVOR every bite.

If you’ve never had one (is that even possible?), immediately go search the internet for the recipe.  I believe Bakerella was the first to share these round, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth “cupcakes” but don’t quote me.  Oh, and don’t check out her page until you’ve scrolled through mine (because, frankly, my cake pops are a sad, sad mess compared to hers!)

Here are a few examples of cake pops for party themes and holidays:

An owl themed birthday party–oh and I THOUGHT about making them into actual owls but it looked like hard work (and I’m lazy, remember?)

Is it just me or do they look a whole lot better in a cute little tin?

Spider cake pops for Halloween party at school.

You’ll notice I eventually switched methods mid-way with the legs.  Apparently, I’m not very patient when it comes to meticulously adding little sprinkle legs!

These little goodies were covered with a crushed candy canes for Christmas!  Mmmmm….

A nod to winter with some pretty snowflake cake pops

I took a batch of these to a friend whose entire family was sick (poor girl NEEDED them)!

Super Bowl football cake pops


And last but not least, Angry Bird cake pops!  Don’t they look mad?

and yummy?