In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, I’ve been hugging my boys more often.  I’ve spent time looking in their faces.  I’ve let them stay up a little later at bedtime.  Like most parents, I’m frightened by the latest act of evil.  When something happens to children, we become acutely aware of how easily that could be OUR child.   The images of the terror and grieve of the parents breaks our hearts.  How does one begin to live a normal life again?

By God’s grace.

I’ve grappled with how to make sense of these shootings.  I’ve tried to figure out how good can come of this horrendous loss.  The tugging I feel on my heart is to slow down and appreciate the here and now.  What I’ve learned over the last few days is how infrequently I stop what I’m doing to give my children my undivided attention.  However, this weekend, I slowed down.  I was more intentional.  I chose my children over the other tasks at hand.   Perhaps this was a wake up call.  I know all too well what fleeting time we have with our children.  Yet, when every day life takes over, I forget to consider my blessings.   I’m too busy to hear God talking.

Today,  a friend shared a link referencing the 26 Acts of Kindness to honor the 26 victims.  I LOVE everything about this idea and movement.  I found this thoughtful woman’s link and some of her ideas on kindness acts.  I’m choosing to plug in and engage with others and spread kindness.  Surely, there’s no greater way to bring His glory.

Will you join my kindness army too?  Will you help honor these beautiful boys, girls and teachers?