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Have you looked around you lately and pondered all that is good in your life?

I’m really working on teaching my boys how to be gracious.   We are blessed beyond measure and I want them to really understand that–on a deeper level.

So….we “planted” a thankful tree in our living room.  I’ve seen many variations of thankful trees–all of which require either sewing talent (which I lack) 0r gobs of time (CLEARLY don’t have THAT) .  So, we went with my hill-billy version because what’s easier than sticking a few sticks in some dirt????

We talked about all the things that fill our hearts with gratitude.

And while toys made it high on their list, I was pleased to see that my seven year old found some other things for which to be grateful.

We’ve got lots more leaves to add!  : )  Won’t you plant a tree with us?