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When BFF Lisa told me she found a fun race for us to participate with in Nashville, I was stoked!  Although we tried to sign up for the Color Run, it sold out fast.  While licking our wounds, Lisa found a substitute—the Spatan Bier Run.  The Bier Run is a fun 5k that is part of Nashville’s Germantown Street Festival.

While looking at past race pictures, we concluded that we should wear Dirndls—(a.k.a. beer wench outfits) to make the most of an already merry day.  The hunt began and we were optimistic we’d find something cheap!    As luck would have it, Lisa found three outfits in the clearance racks at Party City.  Of course, she had to drive to several stores to get all the pieces and parts.  Meanwhile, Jamie hooked us up with petticoats while shopping in upstate NY.  Just like that, we were sportin’!  Not bad for $10 I’d say!

Despite our vivid imaginations that hundreds of people would come clad in Lederhosens and dirndls, there were only a handful of braided beauties and suspender-breeches wearing boys.   Hey, sometimes you just have to lead the pack!

I’m not certain the other runners were as amused by us.

and our antics

But in the end, we had a blast!  The street festival post-race proved worthy of enduring the uncomfortable thigh highs and short dresses.  We ended up posing with no less than 25 people–from young children to old men.  And police officers.  Did I mention we brought a little O-H-I-O street cred as well?

I could get used to the celebrity life!  ; )

We decided the Spatan Bier Run should be added to the list of annual activities.   Running in dresses–check!    Cheers!