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Color run recap?  Best. Time. Ever!!!

After a two hour road trip, we stretched our legs, suited up in our tutus, and marveled at the zany rainbow of colors we saw all around us.   Despite the staggering 30,000 runners signed up for the race, we didn’t have to wait long to pick up our race packets.

Gray skies  and chilly 40 degree temperatures were no match for the enthusiasm of the sea of tutu-wearing, rainbow knee-high clad runners/walkers.

We saw some really fun outfits at the line up.

After 11 waves of runners, we were off and running.   First stop was orange so of course I had to stop and make color angels to ensure adequate coverage!

Next was yellow…

The volunteers were awesome but sure had their work cut out for them as the stampede of color runners seemed endless!  We made our way to the blue and pink stations for some final squirts before crossing the finish.

The after-party was where the REAL color madness happened.  Every 15 minutes, the DJ would count down for the color bombing.

The wind picked up just as I was “sprinkling” my color pack into the air and I  managed to blast my girl, Summer, with a hearty dose of blue.

Karma for not wearing a tutu, Summer?  Lookin’ smurfy!

At some point, the tutu posh pit assembled and danced to Call Me, Maybe!

No clue why I was making this face for every picture.  I got called out later for making the “Blue Steel” face–some Zoolander reference that had to be explained to me since I’ve never seen the movie.

Our crazy crew of color runners:

Can’t wait to run this spectacular race again next year.  Are hue with me?