Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love color???  I mean, who can resist the radiant glow of  warm yellow, the vibrant feel of violet, the perkiness of pink, or the zest of bright orange?  Remember how amazing it felt to open a box of crayons when you were a kid?   For this very reason, everyone should sign up for the Color Run!   You’ve heard of this colorful 5k, right?  I’m running the Color Run in Des Moines tomorrow and can barely contain my excitement.  Whoop, whoop!

For starters, you get blasted with different colors at every kilometer.  Fun, fun, fun!!!  Second, it’s untimed–so this is the perfect run for someone who just wants to enjoy the day without the pressure of competition.  This mama is going to be smiling the entire 3.2 miles as I slowly morph into a bag of skittles by the time I hit the finish line.   Third—my “teammates” and I will be wearing tutus!  Does a girl every really outgrow her love of tutus?  I think not.    Who knows, I might even rainbow cha cha the whole way home!

Have you already participated with the Color Run?  If so, please share your experience in the comment section.  After all, everyone should experience the happiest 5K in the country!!!!

Are hue with me?