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Have you ever sat and thought about the amazing friends who’ve entered your life?  I do fairly frequently and I thank my lucky stars often.  I am in awe of the impact so many vivacious, accomplished, loving, caring, thoughtful (the list of adjectives is truly endless) friends I’ve been blessed by over the years.  I’ve lived in many different parts of the country and each stop has brought with it a wonderful network of women.   Not unlike a bevy of fruits from a big basket, each one is unique and offers something special to our relationship.   I have friends with tender hearts and gracious hands.  I have spunky, outspoken friends who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe and are real difference-makers.  I have friends who would much rather hide in the rafters than take center stage while I have gal pals  who could BE center stage.   My friends are all different and  I love it that way.

What’s also interesting is how these women have come into my life at various stages.  Some were the pillars of my strength when I was weak.  Others allowed me to offer them a shoulder to cry on during their trials.  My friends from college would probably describe me as a little wild and nuts while my friends who know me as a mom now would probably say I’m balanced…well, uh, maybe not!

What I know is that without these incredible women in my life, I would not be me.  My journey is forever intertwined with theirs–a snapshot in time.  Perfectly timed!

So, in honor of the many beautiful and outstanding women who have lifted me, molded me, and accepted me, thank you for the profound impact you’ve had on me!  (If you don’t see your picture on here, it’s probably because I haven’t scanned old photos or because we have adventures still to come!)