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Mud. Fire. Sweat.

You’ve probably heard of these fun runs where people jump over firepits and slosh through giant mud puddles.  Sounds fun, right?  Why not?   In a moment of delusion, I decided I would be adventurous and complete a Warrior Dash with the hubby.  Our old neighbor, Jon, found a race site that would serve as a halfway point between our cities.  He talked it up….I ate it up!  I would be strong, fierce, determined.  I would climb walls with ease and scoff at the 3.2 mile run.  I’d look like a gazelle running through an African savannah.  I *MIGHT* have over-estimated my athletic ability.   Two months ago I was unstoppable with my enthusiasm!

With two days until the race, I can think of a half-dozen reasons why I should NOT be participating.  For starters, there’s a high heat warning on race day.  Nothing like a cool 90 degrees day to be jumping fire.   Did I mention there are walls I’ll have to scale and I have no upper body strength?  And then there’s that small matter of mud—mud everywhere!

I’ve been watching  the YouTube videos of others who have fearlessly (and perhaps foolishly) tackled the Warrior Dash.   You’d think I was watching with preparation in mind for the actual obstacles, right?  Wrong.  Rather, I’m trying to gauge what other gals who’ve successfully completed the race do to keep their hair from running amok.  I’ve been obsessed  highly interested with finding just the right hair-do to minimize the amount of mud I’ll be showering out later.   Should I make braids?  Maybe a hat would be better?  Would a hat stay on if I was crawling under fallen logs?  Will I be able to keep my shorts up once I’ve slithered through mud?  So many questions swirling about.   Yep, I’m still a girly-girl even while playing in mud.

Bottom line—I must finish!  As my friend Rachel suggested, maybe all that mud will make my skin glow!   Here’s to running Warrior Dashes to have glistening 20-something skin…



Warrior Dash WOW!!!  After all that worry and fear, it turns out the Warrior Dash was a total blast!   Once I saw the funny outfits people were wearing, I knew that my fellow warriors were not going to take themselves too seriously.   I’m not sure how muddy the course typically is but we were lucky enough to get storms the night before so things were REALLY wet.  Considering the humidity and warm weather, I didn’t mind at all!

The obstacles weren’t too bad either.  Since upper arm strength is NOT my strong suit, I worried I wouldn’t be able to get over the walls.  However, most of the climbing obstacles were easy using leg strength.   Who knew??   Tapping into my inner army girl, I had no trouble shimmying through the mud under barbed wire either.

The fire pits were warm–no doubt—but again, not too tough!  I was only too happy to jump into the final mud pit and swim my way to the finish!

I would run the Warrior Dash again in a heart beat.  The 5k run was the easiest part because we stopped for obstacles so often it broke up the monotony!

Playing in mud should be on every adult’s list!  However, my youngest wasn’t real happy that his mommy looked like a muck monster!

A before & after shot of my shoes:

The mountain of shoes that get donated:

Our biggest fans:

Now, the showering after part—that’s another story!!!