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Leprechaun Lumps

March 13, 2015

Here’s a simple and  fun activity to help kick off the St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans.



Never heard of them?  Why should blarney stones have all the fun?  Leprechaun Lumps are easy to make and kids love busting them open to find their hidden “treasures”.  Here’s what you need:

  • 1 cup of used coffee grounds
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1/2 cup of salt
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • gold coins or any other small trinket

I usually just throw my grounds into a little container over the course of a week.   I then stick them in the freezer to keep from getting moldy and take them out the morning I plan to make the lumps.


In a bowl, mix together coffee grounds, flour, salt and water to form a dough.

Then hand the “dough” over to your kids and let them hide treasures in the middle of the lumps.  I use any little fun trinkets I can find including quarters, plastic gold coins, and shamrock necklaces.  You could probably stick little lego people inside as well.  They bake at a low temperature and so far nothing has melted!  ; )

If you have kids that are highly tactile and enjoy getting their hands a little dirty, this is the activity for you!


Next, pop them on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven on 150-200 degrees for about 20 minutes.


Once baked, they turn to a cool shade of gray.


I love that if you take them outdoors, they blend well with stones and rocks.

Our tradition has been to hide them around the yard and let the boys hunt for them.  You know, the Irish version of Easter egg hunts!  ; )

The part kids like best is breaking them open to get their treasures.

So mix up a batch of Leprechaun Lumps and enjoy the hunt with your kids!  You’ll have fun and that’s no blarney!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Planters for St. Patrick’s Day

March 3, 2015

st pat planter

It’s March but it doesn’t look or feel like March.  I’ve been itching to change out my front porch pots from winter pine boughs to something more spring like.  These winter planters have brightened my porch for several months but it’s time for a change.

The problem with March is that its too soon to plant anything living.  So what’s a seasonal porch decorator/addict to do?  How can I add interest, texture and color without plants?   An extensive search on Pinterest turned up few options.  Clearly, others are puzzled as well about what do to during this transitional period between winter and early spring.

I found this urn posted on Pinterest a few years ago and was inspired by its whimsy.


Image found on:

Although I liked this festive blueprint, I wanted to use more natural looking elements and items that could be reused when spring actually arrives.

In my mind, curly willows branches and birch logs are good transitional pieces.  I found these lovely planter arrangements and felt I could borrow some of their elements.

pretty spring urn

image found on Pinterest

sticks with pansies

image found at:

It’s still too early in this region to plant pansies and other spring blooming flowers.  I’m also not a fan of fake flowers.

So I went with moss.  Moss says spring, right?


I added some curly willow branches, a few logs (although I need at least 3 more birch logs each to beef it up some), and a few gold and shimmery, green twirly stems for flair.  You could probably raid your Christmas decorations and find some gold and green accents that will work in a pinch.

I was off to a good start but it still didn’t read “St. Patrick’s Day” so I added some LUCKY signs and shamrock stems.  I made the shamrock stems a few years ago using shamrocks found at the Dollar Tree which I hot glued to bamboo sticks.


The pots still didn’t have enough pop so I spray painted a few tree branches metallic gold just to add a little more pizzazz.  Trust me, it’s a dreary backdrop all around right now so any little bit of sparkle helps!

It’s hard to capture the shimmer on a drizzly and gray day like today.  But these pots sure brighten an otherwise barren looking landscape.

st pat planter

In a month and as the weather starts to warm, I will add forsythia branches, tulips, pansies and other cheery flowers.   Until then, these transitional planters will get me through the month and chase away the winter blues.

Bring on that Sunshine

February 20, 2015


We are going on the fourth day of no school.  We are in desperate need of a change.  Our moods are foul and we are “bored”.  Just about the time those winter blues grasp a hold of our hearts, a little dose of sunshine gives us an extra boost.

A lovely group of friends gave me a “Be Happy” jar when I moved and then filled it with heartfelt messages and notes of encouragement.


I love this jar and everything it represents.


It’s that little extra oomph when the days seem long.  It’s like a hug for my soul.  Whenever I feel lonely, I simply pull out a note and my day instantly improves.  It’s that “yes, you matter” message at exactly the right moment.

I decided this jar of joy is too good of an idea to keep a secret.  Why not spread some love?  Why not bust out our supplies and create a love ripple?

So we gathered:

  • jars (recycled spaghetti and sauerkraut jars, thank you!)


  • fun scrapbook paper to write messages (but any bit of paper will do)
  • playful imaginations and creative juices
  • a book of quotes (or use your computer to google some hopeful phrases about friendship, love, and happiness)
  • markers or crayons or any writing implements


We scribbled down fun memories shared with friends, encouraging quotes, funny stories, and anything we thought might make someone smile.  The boys drew pictures.  We just let our imaginations take over…


If you are feeling grumpy, these little babies will turn your mood around.


You can’t be grouchy when you are thinking of someone special or how meaningful that relationship is to you.  I find that anytime I feel the funk coming, it’s best to think of someone else.  It ALWAYS, ALWAYS brightens my day.

Is there someone you know who could use a lift?  Tell him or her.  Tell her why she’s awesome and how she inspires you.  Share with him how he positively influences you.



Maybe YOU need a mood enhancer and some self-love messages.

Go ahead, get yourself a jar of sunshine and spread that good stuff around!!

How I Overhauled the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

February 11, 2015

I’m a big fan of sports. I’m an even bigger fan of girls and women’s sports. I love the values girls learn through sports.  See, sports = good.

Here’s what I loathe.


THIS magazine as my greeting at the mailbox yesterday and posing under the guise of “sports”.

Once a year, Sports Illustrated reminds me how completely sexist our world still is and how slow we are to make progress.


I have heard every guy’s lame excuse as to why this annual issue is acceptable. I’ve even heard fellow women say it’s no big deal and how empowering it is to celebrate the beautiful female body. Nonsense!  Objectifying a woman’s body is not empowerment, it’s enslavement!

I think there are far better ways to celebrate a women’s body. You want to see strong and sexy? Show us a woman firefighter, female soldier, or policewoman.  These images reflect capable bodies and fierce bravery.

Show us the “sexy” brain of a woman engineer or scientist.  You know, where women are reflected as intelligent beings who bring the qualities of teamwork, innovation, and ambition to the table.

Guys, these Sports Illustrated photos and the half-naked women (and in some cases completely naked women) should concern you. These females are not objects for your sexual pleasure.  These women are someone’s daughter, sister, granddaughter, wife, and future mother. Here’s how I want you to see these women and then tell me if it’s sexy:

As viewed through the eyes of an angry 40 something mom who hopes to break the cycle with her own two sons.

Well looky here. Here’s a fabulous example of how women are objectified.

swimsuit 5

Yes, let’s pay attention to the photo-shopped body proportions that will send the message to teenage girls that their bodies should be teensy, weensy, perfect hourglasses. Then let’s inundate them with another 220 pages of women posed in ridiculously contorted positions and tell them it’s sexy.

Let’s make certain that we expose our “power” through our breasts. Yes, everyone knows this is how to get a guys’ attention. Take off your tops, ladies. Isn’t it liberating? Wait, what? Why wouldn’t men take me seriously in a boardroom? Why can’t you envision me as a mathematician?

swimsuit 2

Hey fellas, any of you dads yet? I wonder what her dad thinks of this.

swimsuit 3

I wonder if her dad remembers how he told her how pretty she was and how she learned that pretty is power. I wonder if they talked about books and her brain. Go ahead, guys, keep pumping your little princess with compliments about her looks. I bet her dad did too.

swimsuit 1

Wait, you don’t have kids yet? As your eyes gaze over these women, I wonder if you notice the effect it has on your girlfriend or wife.

swimsuit 4

I wonder if your wife, sister, mom, or girlfriend feels good about her body since so many images are telling her she is not enough as is.  The message conveyed is that she must be curvier, more voluptuous, and/ or skinnier.   I wonder if you see her face and notice the look of self-disgust she has when she sees her own fat rolls and child-bearing thighs in the mirror.   How come no one celebrates those bodies?   I wonder how many more images she’ll have to bear that will continue planting seeds of an “ideal body” in her brain.

I wonder when our male counterparts will voice their concerns and stand in solidarity with their women.  What if our real message of empowerment meant we value women’s contribution in education, science, business, and so forth.

I wonder when little girls will break free from these chains and when little boys will be taught smart is better than sexy.

You see, I’m rewriting the script for my boys.

Girls, you matter.  You matter because of your brilliant minds, compassionate souls, and ambitious hearts.  You matter because of who you are and not how you look.   You are a leader, innovator, and contributor.  You are strong!

strong-women-strong-girls she knows website

image from

Channeling Color Amid Gray Days

February 10, 2015

Come about mid-February, I yearn for the golden days of summer.  My eyes beg for the promise of growth that lies under a blanket of snow.  This year, however, we haven’t even had much snow.   Rather, we have plenty of cold days and brown grass.


The other day the temps rose to the 50’s and I felt the urge to cut back all the dead branches and decaying plant life.  But, I reminded myself it was February.  It’s too soon for spring.  So I did the next best thing.

I went on a spring break and summer vacation.  In my head.  I browsed through my photos and took in the eye candy of perennials, trees, shrubs, and annuals that make my heart flutter.

The first to arrive to the spring party are these beauties:

Cue the majestic trees:

Then a few more flamboyant blooms join the scene.

And the symphony of colors and textures continues.  Blooming shrubs join the parade of color.

When the threat of frost has passed, I get giddy about adding spring flowers to my pots.  Pansies, tulips, crocuses, and hyacinths officially announce the dismissal of winter.

As the spring blooms begin to fade, the early summer annuals and perennials trumpet their arrival with dazzling shades of the rainbow.

By mid-summer, the bounty of blooms adds such zest to the landscape that each day brings continuous wonder.

Warm days invite happiness to take root.  The bees dutifully buzz about and work their pollinating magic.

The yard is alive and the birds just seem to chirp happier little tunes.  The carpet of green grass, the scent of the flowers, the orchestra of color–EVERYTHING AMAZING!

Isn’t that the beauty of life?  The promise of warm days ahead despite the cold winters.

So, today I’ll soak in the color of the birds against the gray backdrop instead of the flowers.

I will marvel at the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets instead of the blooming tree buds.

Soon enough I will be digging into the warm soil and tending the next wave of color.  Today, I will gratefully accept the gift of winter.

A Teaspoon of Heaping Hope

January 29, 2015


We all have days when we feel a little less than awesome. We wonder if anyone is thinking about us. We might even feel alone. Maybe we are in an emotional funk and we don’t even know why. Maybe we blame winter. Long and gray days make it hard sometimes to find the sparkle of life.

As the new year beckoned, I had this incredible two-week window of confidence. I felt energized and ready to take the bull by the horns. I was going to do great things. I was going to write AMAZING blog posts and I was going to change the world.

I felt empowered and motivated and I really believed myself.

Then my inner critic took over. Doubt set up camp in my brain and drowned out all my positive thoughts with negative ones. I could not get a word on paper to save my life. I wanted to release something powerful and beautiful with words, yet I didn’t feel capable of powerful or beautiful.

So, I had a good cry. It’s what I do when I feel hopeless. Then I prayed for wisdom. I also prayed for friends who were dealing with struggles of their own.  “God, we all need some help here”.

You know what happened? Just as I was having a little pity party for myself, I opened my mail and discovered I had received a little package. My sweet and dear friend sent me a book. THIS book:

She…written by Kobi Yamada

She…written by Kobi Yamada

As I flipped through the pages, I read:

Do you see that? Affirmation. Love. Encouragement.

More pages became vitamins for my soul!  Acceptance. Support. Connection

I sobbed because THIS book and my beautiful friend, Dana, had reached right in and gave me new hope.  It was an instant love injection. Empowerment. Commitment. Courage.

I do not deserve this kind of love. And yet, He sends these living, breathing earthly angels to me time and time again. He gives me these incredible women, friends, family and a compassionate husband, all of whom breathe new life into me at just the right moments.  He answers in ways I just cannot fathom.  He whispers truth into my ear and propels me forward.

Last night, as I was still grappling with my purpose, He did it again.  Another longtime friend (my lovely Lisa–you can read all about her HERE) sent me a text and shared a loving act of kindness she and her son were going to provide to someone in need. She told me I had inspired that act. Me.  Me who messes up A LOT.  Me who didn’t think she could inspire a flea.  She can never know just how perfectly timed that little text affirmation was or how deeply she spoke love and hope into my soul.

Friends, never underestimate the power of prayer and the little acts of love you bestow on your friends and family. Maybe it was just a simple “I’m thinking of you” text.  Or, you remembered a family member’s birthday and sent them a card.  Maybe you just listened and gave of your time.  These acts may seem small in scale, but I assure you they are BIG in magnitude.  I believe if you just let go, just give up a little of your control (or a lot as the case may be), God will provide for you endless opportunities.  Maybe you are not a believer or you are uncomfortable with what you view as my “religious talk”.  That’s ok.  I was there too.  I spent many years sorting through what I believed or didn’t believe.   Sometimes I still do.  I’m just an ordinary woman who has made lots of mistakes.  I still make them and I don’t always get things right.  Yet, He loves me.  Perfectly imperfect me.   He’s proven this over and over and over.

If you are feeling alone, do not be afraid to reach out.  If you feel purpose-less, commit to just one act of kindness for someone else.  If you feel hopeless, pray.

Please let this serve as your heaping teaspoon of hope for today.  My gift to you.  My gift from my loving God.

Honoring the Village

January 21, 2015

Working Moms.  I’m talking to you today.  I want to lift you up and remind you how incredibly important you are in our village of life.  I know you have tough days.  I remember those difficult days when it was hard to go to work because little ones were crying.  They beg you not to go and I know your heart breaks into hundreds of little pieces.  I know that mother guilt creeps in and you wonder if you are doing the right thing.  You want to be everywhere and everything to your children.

Do you know your power?  YOU are doing amazing things.

When you are having a particularly tough day, I want to remind you of the incredibly important role you play in the village.  As a Stay At Home mom, I’m grateful for your partnership and I need YOU.  There are lots of great reasons to celebrate YOU but here are two that top my list:

1.  You are showing boys every day examples of women who provide and contribute outside the home.  You know that’s vitally important, don’t you?  I don’t mean to imply that stay at home moms aren’t modeling important lessons too.  However, when my boys see this mom folding laundry and preparing meals, they see but one side of the many treasures women are able to offer.  YOU are teaching my boys another perspective and I am forever grateful.  When my boys make snarky remarks that “girls are weak”, I remind them how strong women really are and I point to YOU.  YOU who balances work with home.  YOU who has an identity other than “Mommy”.  YOU who manages to make meetings on time AND get back to the school in a hurry for performances and art shows.  YOU who has had a long day at work and then comes home and continues to be an important decision maker.  Boys need to see women holding their own in some setting other than that of nurturing caretaker.  They gain even more respect for women and their gifts.

2.  You are modeling options and multiple identities for little girls.  Too often we give little girls dolls and encourage them only to hone their “mothering” skills.  But not every girl wants to be a mom.  Not every girl or woman aspires for the path of motherhood.  These little precious eyes that watch you–YOU are showing them that they can and will do anything they set their minds to do.  YOU are demonstrating that women are smart and capable and leaders and sitting at the table with men.  I love that about you.  I was that little girl and I needed women like you.  I’m grateful for your fearlessness and determination and for pursuing your dreams.  The world needs more of that.  YOU who smashes this ridiculous concept that women can only be princesses and can only be saved by men.  YOU don’t need no stinkin’ prince because you are strong and fierce and can solve all the problems yourself.  I’m shouting to YOU–THANK YOU!

Together, we make a fabulous team.  We need each other as allies and to continue to support one another.  When our culture pits us against one another, I want YOU to remember that I think you are worthy beyond measure and I value the role you play in our village.  I’ve got your back when you are stuck in traffic or you can’t get out of a meeting.  Ask me for help because I’m happy to give back to you.  Let’s continue to appreciate what each of us brings to the table and continue to lift one another up.  I adore you, sister!  I’m not judging you because I’m too busy respecting you.

Rock on, Working Moms, rock on!

working mom quote

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